Happy Anniversary, My Love


Today, I woke up and realized that once again my husband had arisen earlier than me.   I searched the room to quickly find him sitting in a chair near the window with his laptop computer on his lap and wearing his reading glasses.  He smiled at me and said, “good morning love, happy anniversary.”   It only took me a moment to respond, “Yes, it is October 30th. Happy Anniversary!”   Then as I arose to begin my routine of cleaning up before we connected with our children for prayer, my thoughful husband began sharing some of the responses from Facebook to his Happy Anniversary post.  He had posted a wonderful acknowledgement about our anniversary and was already receiving feedback from Facebook friends.

Our relationship is blessed largely because God has blessed us with such great love for others and from others.  From the wonderful blessing of our children to the awesome extended blessing of our grandchildren, we are also surrounded by the best family and friends imaginable.  However the genuine love and desire that we still have for each other is also quite remarkable.

Today, I reflect upon how humbling and magnificent my life has been with my friend, pastor, lover, partner and husband.  I thank Almighty God for our 32nd wedding anniversary and look forward to each moment that we grow closer to God together in love.


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