I Do Me2 Marriage Quizzes

How much can you trust your spouse? Quiz

This quiz is intended as a self examination about your attitude towards trusting your spouse.  It is not intended to indicate the trustworthiness of your spouse.  It is only a tool to allow you to consider issues that may be reflective of your own trust issues in your marriage.  NOTE: Do not make any hasty decisions based upon the results of this quiz.

INSTRUCTIONS: You will both take the quiz apart from each other, making note of your answers and results.  Then you will go over each question together sharing your individul responses.  It is important that you take time to discuss each question as much as needed in order to gain an understanding of any trust issues that may be uncovered in this quiz.

Click here to TAKE THE QUIZ.


How much do you know about your spouses priorities and core values? Exercise

This exercise is intended to uncover what is most important to you and your partner.  It is important to recognize that life lessons impact and shape our priorities and core values.  This tool allows you uncover where both of you are now and to gain a better understanding of why you make some of your choices.  NOTE: Be respectful of each other’s right to have individual core values and priorities.  What is most important is that you take the opportunity to didcuss the results and appreciste the opportunity to learn more about each other.

INSTRUCTIONS: You wil be tasked to imagine what items your partner would choose to take in case of an emergency.  You must only select 7 items from the list given – no more and no less.  Then share your choices and see if your spouse agrees with what you chose.  Discuss why or why not regarding your agreement with what is chosen.  Then clear the choices let your partner attempt to do the same in guessing the items that you would choose.

Click here to begin the PRIORITIES Exercise

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