About Dr. Aaron & Dr. Margaret Jamal

Drs. Aaron and Margaret Jamal on a Mission to

Save Marriages & Preserve Healthy Relationships

Dr. Aaron & Dr. Margaret Jamal are Counselors and Certified Couples Coaches who have been married since 1982.  Since that time, they have grown in experiences with working together, raising children, sharing in community involvement, health issues and more.  According to the top reasons that people get divorced, it is remarkable that they remain an example of a truly happily married couple.  This blog shares their insights and invites other couples to express their own experiences as well.  The Jamal’s overall goal is to encourage couples to preserve and strengthen their marriages in order to help build better communities.

This couple has learned that knowing how to ask questions that uncover underlying issues is crucial.  They often share that at times when conversations are moving in the wrong direction perhaps a direct question can help avoid serious relationship damage.   The question can be as simple as, “Do you want us to be happy in our relationship?” If the answer is “I do“, then the follow-up response should be confirmed with, “Me too.”


Dr. Margaret Jamal,:  Doctorate in Christian Counseling and Human Services; Certified in Pastoral Care Giving; Author, Certified Philanthropic Development Officer, Youth Development Practitioner; Founder of the R.A.T.E.S Foundation. When (R.A.T.E.S.™) emerged out of a church outreach project to help unite churches and community organizations to meet the needs of the homeless, hungry and neglected children.  R.A.T.E.S is an acronym, which stands for Response-ability, Account-ability, Evaluation-ability, and Sustain-ability. R.A.T.E.S.™ development principles help to establish a mutually accepted platform of skills requirements that each participant would commit to learning. Dr. Jamal has extensive Adult Training and Instructional Development experience including providing software and technical training & consulting; Curriculum development for companies including AT&T, Children’s World Learning Center; Contract Database & web development for Charles Schwab;  Among her published works, Dr. Jamal has authored guidebooks for organizational development and resource development.  Her titles include: When Girls Don’t Tell, Faith Legacies-Guide for Faith-based Non-Profits, My Grant Writing Secrets, National Treasures- Foundation Grants, Beware of Wolves- The Rise of Psycho-Spiritual Terrorism in the Church.  Dr. Margaret considers her most important responsibilities (privileges) as follows: Minister, Wife, Mother, Partner (Social service partner with husband). Other Skills include: Curriculum Design, E-Learning Software (Adobe Captivate, LMS); Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Cubase; Grant Writing; Organizational Development

WEBSITE: http://www.newskillsuniversity.org

EMAIL: drmjamal@newskillsuniversity.org


Dr. Aaron Jamal, PhD: Doctorate in Christian Counseling and Addictions, Certified in Pastoral Care Giving; CEO for Preserved for Greatness Recovery Support Development; Radio Talk Show Host and Producer Also serves Projects Manager /Trainer/Consultant; Consults with R.A.T.E.S™ community collaborative for Access to Recovery project providing technical assistance and program oversight;  as Plans, directs, and coordinates activities of designated projects to ensure that goals or objectives of project are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters; Oversees grant sub-award projects;  Rev. Jamal presently directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule and within prescribed budget; Reviews status reports prepared by project personnel and modifies schedules or plans as required; Prepares project reports for management, client, or others; Confers with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems; coordinates project activities with activities of government regulatory or other governmental agencies.  Previous positions included Technology Specialist and Outreach Coordinator, Certified Computer Network Specialist Project Director, helping to establish functional community collaborations; Works closely with clergy and community leadership; Served as Project Director for Workforce Development Empowerment Zone Project to develop employment skills for Ex-offenders at the Safer Foundation work release center.

Other skills include media software, Final Cut, Flash, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Digital Photography/Videographer.

WEBSITE: http://www.preservedforgreatness.com

EMAIL: draaronjamal@gmail.com

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  1. Adam's Eve says:

    I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you for your ministry! I love your blog! http://becominghiseve.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/the-versatile-blogger-award/

    1. I Do. Me 2. says:

      @ Adam’s Eve. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words of encouragement. Thank you for the honor! Drs. Aaron & Margaret Jamal

      1. Adam's Eve says:

        You are welcome. Thank you too!

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